Breaking the cycle of Poverty through fitness


We facilitate in-shelter health and employment programs
for at-risk youth in Canada.

1 %
of current employment participants

cited higher earning potential following completion of the #SweatierForTheBetter employment program

1 %
of past EMPLOYMENT participants

have exited the shelter system
and are living independently

fitness program participants

#SweatierForTheBetter Programs

Health & Fitness Program

Scholarship and Employment Program

Success Stories

“I came to Canada as a refugee, the idea of me becoming a coach.... to me back then it was just a ridiculous thought. Now, I have the confidence to communicate with people. After attending the Bootcamps for Change sessions which are free, I started picking up the pace. As a competitive athlete (soccer), I was able to get more of an idea of what it's about. Training with Katie and Ryan helped me grow a lot, as not only a coach but as a person. I really appreciate all your support and kindness, I hope one day I will be able to help people just like them”
-Abdul Babawale

Who We Support

“Bootcamps for Change provides a critical health intervention for homeless youth. Three of our clients have also received Bootcamps for Change scholarships and became certified personal trainers. They helped these youth build connections in the fitness community and find employment as personal trainers, helping them escape from the cycles of poverty.
- Stacey Murie, Development Coordinator, Horizons for Youth

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Who Supports Us

"We were blown away at the innovation behind the Bootcamps for Change programs to break the cycle of homelessness by driving up-skilling and entrepreneurialism in youth to empower their lives for the better with a 100% success rate. There's a reason that this organization is one of the Fast Company's most innovative ideas...the impact of the program in transforming the lives of youth is what we wanted to get behind and support.
- Annika Lui, Labs Director, League of Innovators