Advisory Board

Advisory Board Charter 


The purpose of the Advisory Board (the “Board”) shall be to provide objective advice and recommendations to the Bootcamps for Change (“BCFC”) team with respect to matters related to board members’ experience and areas of expertise. In particular, the board will support timely decision making and improvements to BCFC’s in-shelter fitness programing and scholarship program.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Board shall include the following:

  1. Engage in ongoing dialogue and discussions related to BCFC’s in-shelter fitness and scholarship programs to share ideas and problem solve with the goal of improving programming and outreach to community members.
  2. Engage the local and broader community in discussions related to BCFC’s goals and objectives with the aim of obtaining community members’ input on local community plans to address homelessness and poverty throughout their regions.
  3. Develop new community partnerships and networking opportunities with representatives from the homelessness and fitness sectors to ensure community support for BCFC’s programming, as well as a greater understanding of local level issues and needs to be addressed in the homelessness space.
  4. Identify opportunities to raise funds for BCFC’s programming and scholarship program to ensure sustainability and ongoing availability of current programming.
  5. Ensure broader level awareness of BCFC’s in-shelter fitness programming and scholarship program through public education and advocacy.


The Board shall have not less than five (5) members. The members shall be appointed by the BCFC Team. The term of service for members of the Board will be one year from the date they are appointed or until their earlier resignation or until their removal by the BCFC Team. A member of the Board may be appointed for an additional term upon mutual written agreement between the BCFC Team and the member. One member shall be appointed as Chair of the Board after consultation among the BCFC Team. The BCFC Team shall have the authority, in its sole and absolute discretion, to remove any member of the Advisory Board at any time for any reason with or without cause.

Board membership will be representative of the homelessness sector, including homeless population groups within the local community. Board membership composition will also consist of members from other related sectors within the health and social services fields (e.g. municipal and housing sector, education sector, child and youth services sector, sports and tourism industry, fitness industry, government, private sector, public health, etc.). In addition, board members will be expected to be representative of priority populations within the community,  and may include representation from individuals and organizations working with:

  • At-risk and vulnerable youth
  • Those living in poverty
  • Individuals with limited access to education
  • Those living with a physical disability
  • Those with mental health conditions
  • Racial and ethnic minorities (e.g. Black, Indigenous)
  • Newcomers (e.g. refugees, immigrants)

All members will be equally involved in discussions and decision-making to ensure fair representation and participation by all members. Where discussions pertaining to a specific member group or sector are taking place (e.g. Indigenous homelessness needs), it is expected that members of that particular group may have a greater say in the decision-making process given their presumed lived experience/greater relative knowledge base of that particular issue.

Meeting Frequency

The Advisory Board shall meet at least once per quarter (every three (3) months), with no less than a ten (10) day notice, or as required by the BCFC Team. The meeting date and time is to be designated by the BCFC Team. Meetings will typically be held in-person, however, where required, meetings may be held virtually.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Serve as key content matter advisor in particular area of expertise

    • Provide insight about the homeless experience based on working with particular homelessness groups/populations and make recommendations on how BCFC should continue to structure its programming and services as the homelessness and fitness sectors continue to evolve.

  • Explore and recommend ways that BCFC can better respond to the needs of the homeless population 

    • Provide evidence-informed information related to the homeless population and their specific needs on a local, provincial, and national level

    • Provide objective, non-partisan advice to the BCFC team on ongoing matters related to in-shelter fitness programming, the scholarship program, and other upcoming issues that require community expertise and involvement

  1. Support the development of program documents 

    • Development of a needs assessment tool/document to provide insight into the current gaps and needs on a community level related to youth homelessness, and what opportunities for improvement are available

    • Development of a homelessness community plan to address youth homelessness and housing issues within your local region. 

      • This includes engagement with key community organizations and individuals in the community beyond the homeless serving sector, gathering all available information related to the community’s local homelessness priorities, and developing a coordinated approach to addressing homelessness in your community.

    • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation (e.g. through a process evaluation) to assess the progress and impacts made by BCFC’s in-shelter fitness programming and scholarship program and identify areas for continued improvement to best meet the organization’s goals and objectives.

  1. Identify and engage community partners to secure sponsorships

    • Liaise with and engage your local partnerships and networks to ensure broad awareness and understanding of BCFC and its programming, and work to secure greater levels of sponsorship and support for the organization. 

  1. Support local fundraising efforts

    • Coordinate with local organizations within and outside of the homelessness sector to raise funds for BCFC’s programs to ensure that programming is sustainable. Where possible, explore opportunities to join other organizations’ planned events or workshops to jointly raise funds for both organizations.

  1. Ensure broader level awareness of BCFC’s in-shelter fitness programming and scholarship program through public education and advocacy.

    • Represent BCFC at relevant events and conferences to provide information and updates on BCFC programming.

    • Accompany BCFC Team on visits to speaking events to appeal to key decision makers.

    • Promote awareness of opportunities and documents and tools that will help members of the homelessness sector better navigate the health, social, and fitness sector.

    • Take an active role in planning for advocacy efforts, including planning of BCFC educational meetings, webinars, conferences, speaking sessions, etc. (e.g. suggesting speakers, topics of interest in the community, etc.).

  1. Serve as a representative of your local community.

    • Participate in discussions related to continued member recruitment and provide advice and recommendations regarding member composition

    • Bring forward local level discussions and dialogue from priority populations (e.g. Black, Indigenous, those with low income or precarious housing) to ensure greater inclusivity and representation, as well as a participatory approach to membership recruitment to the Board

  1. Support marketing and promotion of BCFC programming and events

    • Assist with the creation of promotional material such as posters, handouts and brochures to promote BCFC throughout the community (e.g. in high schools, universities, other shelters, other nonprofit organizations, community centers, etc.). 

  • Recruit local community members to assist with promotional activities and events (e.g. local ambassadors) 

    • Provide advice about BCFC’s website and social media pages and assist with keeping information relevant and updated.

    • Get involved in social media outlets (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Advisory Board Application

What are we looking for?

Bootcamps for Change (BCFC) is seeking qualified applicants with expertise in a wide range of governance and advisory skills to serve on BCFC’s Advisory Board. Interested candidates should have an interest in the homelessness and fitness sectors, as well as:

  • Past experience in nonprofit management, governance, or other planning duties 
  • Excellent communication, public speaking and presentation skills and an ability to communicate clearly and succinctly for internal and external audiences
  • Exceptional ability to build and foster relationships with diverse groups of individuals and those with lived experience
  • Past experience serving on an advisory board or committee is considered an asset

What will I be expected to do?

  • Prepare for meetings, contribute during meetings, and review and assist with development of meeting minutes and reports
  • Commit time for regular Board meetings, committee meetings and planning sessions
  • Attend BCFC conferences, workshops, and other events, as required
  • Engage in critical thought and decision-making to ensure that the vision and mission of BCFC and its Advisory Board are met 
  • Listen intently and be considerate of others’ thoughts and perspectives
  • Get to know other members and build rapport while contributing to a safe and inclusive working environment 
  • Actively participate in ongoing planning, monitoring and evaluation efforts

Board-specific roles and responsibilities may include:

  • Serve as key content matter advisor in your area of expertise
  • Support the development of kprogram documents 
  • Identify and engage community partners to secure sponsorships
  • Support local fundraising efforts
  • Ensure broader level awareness of BCFC’s in-shelter fitness programming and scholarship program through public education and advocacy.
  • Serve as a representative of your local community.
  • Support marketing and promotion of BCFC programming and events

If this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to apply below!

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