Whether you work for a marketing department or run a small or large business, there are plenty of ways to help the youth we serve. Start with a silent auction contribution, take it to the next level and hire a scholarship recipient, or anything in between. Our team is here to serve you and your goals for a proposed collaboration.


  1. Silent Auction: Contribute to silent auctions, held in person at our events
  2. Event Sponsorship / On-Site Activation: Become a title sponsor or supporter of an event
  3. Social Media: We provide details and/or copy and images/art, and all we ask is that you spread the word to your followers


  1. Engage Your Team: Engage your employees and/or customers to collect in-kind gifts for our partner shelters
  2. Contribute: Donate a portion of ticket sales from your event to the #SweatierForTheBetter scholarship
  3. Host Us: Host a Bootcamps for Change speaker, booth, or activation at your event, workplace, or conference


  1. Become an Organizer: Organize a fundraising initiative with your employees. We can help you host a branded gym event or help bring your other ideas to life
  2. Provide Discounts: Offer discounts for our supporters and ambassadors


  1. Make a Hire: Hire our scholarship recipients for your corporate wellness initiatives
  2. Discount or Provide Select Services: Offer your services (i.e. educational) or products at a discount, or waive fees for our scholarship recipients

Get Involved! Click here to send us an email to discuss the best way for you or your business to join us in changing the lives of youth experiencing homelessness!