Environmental, Social, and Governance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business. These criteria help to better determine the future financial performance of companies (return and risk).


Bootcamps for Change employs most of our operations online, an environmentally friendly medium. As a result, waste will be minimal; however, upon completion, a paper certificate will be given to the client for a record of completion. The in-person course will require paper materials for learning. Upon registration, applicants will be given the option of receiving a virtual copy of the material and bringing a laptop to the course, or a paper copy if this is not possible. Finally, fundraising events will mainly use reusable advertising and signage to preserve the environment. As a result, social enterprise Bootcamps for Change and not-for-profit organization Sweatier For The Better will remain environmentally friendly.


A large portion of company profits is donated to our Sweatier For The Better scholarship program to help at-risk youth out of the shelter system. By 2030, over $270 thousand dollars’ worth of scholarships will be given to at-risk youth – a total of over 86 scholarships. Through this scholarship, recipients are given the opportunity to partake in a fitness certification course, earn practical work experience teaching a fitness class, and ultimately an income to help these youth out of the shelter system. Moreover, these youth are selected based on character, ensuring only the most hardworking and capable youth receive the scholarship. With our gym partnerships realized through the fitness events, we help these individuals get a full-time job in the fitness industry. Additionally, Bootcamps for Change will ensure all youth employees are paid fairly for the work they complete and try to employ many students to provide them valuable employment experience as they work towards their career.


Bootcamps for Change works to create a culture of collaboration and teamwork. With a relatively flat hierarchy, Bootcamps for Change hopes to take input from all team members, investors, and partnerships when making decisions. Furthermore, Bootcamps for Change hopes to maintain a transparent environment where employees and investors feel welcomed to share their input and suggestions. Through this corporate mentality, Bootcamps for Change can grow while preserving a welcoming work environment. Accounting records will be kept for the company in accordance with GAAP and IRFS requirements. This information will be shared with all shareholders when required by law, and in more detail once a year to ensure investor confidence is maintained.