Fitness or Wellness Professional

Are you a trainer, physiotherapist, group fitness instructor, meditation leader, or otherwise employed in the fitness and wellness sector? We need your skillset to help us provide the greatest benefits to our youth!


  1. Work with us In-Shelter: Facilitate an in-shelter class for our youth experiencing homelessness. BECOME AN IN-SHELTER INSTRUCTOR
  2. Social Media: We provide details and/or copy and images/art, and all we ask is that you spread the word to your followers
I always knew I wanted to do something bigger with my fitness background and platform, and I’m so grateful I was given this experience
- Odeta Kasa, Equinox
I am so grateful for the opportunity to join such an amazing team of fitness and wellness instructors to provide classes that are so needed for everyone, especially youth. It was incredibly inspiring to see the youth so welcoming and open to trying new movements and experiences. Though they are experiencing hardship, the youth are truly resilient, willing to learn, and demonstrate incredible potential to grow into leaders in our community.
- Valerie Tiu, Unchained Athletics


  1. Engage the Community: Mobilize your clients or community to collect in-kind gifts for our partner shelters
  2. Engage Your Peers: Encourage fellow trainers to volunteer at our in-shelter programs


  1. Host a Class: Engage your employer to host a class in support of the #SweatierForTheBetter scholarship
  2. Auction Your Services: Auction your services to your clients and/or on social media in support of the #SweatierForTheBetter scholarship
It’s clear to me that working with vulnerable youth is essential in their recovery, reintegration to society, and overall health & wellness. Fitness HAS to be available to our entire population; especially vulnerable youth. What I noticed most was a clear shift in the participants’ mental state, energy, and overall happiness when they left the room. The class was a success!
- Tania Atkin, WBFF Pro Athlete / Ms. Fitness Canada
I was inspired to give back to my community because I come from a similar background, where I was misguided and troubled as a youth. I also feel that fitness & sports were my healthy outlet and that it allowed me to overcome my hardships. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again and recommend this program highly to anyone in the fitness industry!
- David Kim-Mackinnon, Equinox / Sweat + Tonic


Mentor Employment Recipients: Youth Mentor: Engage your employer or personally provide mentorship to our scholarship recipients through shadowing, internships, or industry advice

Get Involved! Click here to send us an email to discuss the best way for you or your business to join us in changing the lives of youth experiencing homelessness!


You can also become an Industry Leader which is a smaller commitment compared to becoming a youth mentor. If you are particularly skilled in a specific area in the fitness industry, you can be “available” as an industry leader for a workshop or a phone call with youth employment recipients if they are interested in your niche.


Are you a leader in the fitness industry with demonstrated experience in a specific niche or certification specialization? Increase your impact on the community by applying to become an Industry Leader today. 

Industry Leaders commit to an average of 3-7 hours over the course of a year, acting as an on-call expert point-of-contact for scholarship recipients’ inquiries about certain certifications or niches in the fitness industry. 

This may involve participating in activities such as (but not limited to): having a Zoom or video chat with youth, running a presentation/Q&A session with multiple youth(s) or professionals present, writing or discussing best-practice tips based on your specialty, training with youth, facilitating introductions, etc. 


Are you a well-rounded fitness professional looking to increase your impact on your community? We are looking for individuals who are established in their careers, share similar goals and interests with our youth, have flexibility, are open-minded, and non-judgmental, to mentor our youth. Apply to become a Youth Mentor and make an impact on the future of a youth today.

Youth Mentors commit to an average of 30-40 hours over the course of 3-6 months. Our mentorship program matches our youth employment program participants with adult role models in the industry who provide both positive life and career advice, in addition to a listening ear. The program helps our scholarship recipients establish valuable relationships and improve their outcomes in the industry.