Gym/Fitness Studio

Do you run or manage a gym or fitness studio? Getting involved can be as basic as sharing our event on your social media channels, or as engaged as hosting a class or providing mentorship to one of our scholarship recipients.

"We have the privilege of certifying youths part of Bootcamps for Change looking to get into the fitness industry & couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome thus far! Also, we’ve attended and taught youths at Horizons for Youth & absolutely love what Bootcamps for Change is doing for these kids...They are smart, energetic, lively & are eager to learn! We can’t wait to certify the next youth!
-Strive Life Athletics, Owned by Nike Athlete Ryan Caicco


  1. Silent Auction: Contribute to silent auctions, held in person at our events
  2. Social Media: We provide details and/or copy and images/art, and all we ask is that you spread the word to your followers
  3. Front desk engagement: Empower your front desk team to help spread the word. This can be in the form of a sign, flyers, or a talk track for staff.


  1. In-Kind Gifts: Make a donation on behalf of your business, or engage your employees and/or clients to collect in-kind gifts for our partner shelters.
  2. Volunteer: Engage your trainers and/or clients to teach at our programs in-shelter
"I was first introduced to Bootcamps for Change through Instagram and reached out to the founder to host a class at Forme Fitness with Bruce Waithe to help raise awareness and funds for the cause. Since then I’ve continued to be inspired by the growth of Bootcamps for Change through everything that they are doing.
- Brit Mcquarrie


  1. Host a Class in support of the #SweatierForTheBetter scholarship: Host a workout class and donate ticket sales or revenue earned to Bootcamps for Change #SweatierForTheBetter
  2. Provide Discounts: Offer reduced fees for your services to our supporters and ambassadors to join your studio or participate in your programming and provide free youth passes for youth experiencing homelessness


  1. Become a Mentor Facility: Provide mentorship opportunities to our scholarship recipients through shadowing, internships, or industry education and advice
  2. Make a Hire: Hire our scholarship recipients to join your team

Get Involved! Click here to send us an email to discuss the best way for you or your business to join us in changing the lives of youth experiencing homelessness!

Growing up in an environment of poverty and hardship myself, I know that all it takes is for one kind gesture from somebody to completely change the trajectory of an individual’s lives. It sure did for me.

So there is no doubt in my mind that this program will change the lives of the MANY youths who just need that positive line of support to help take control of their futures.
- Ty Mcdonald, Head Trainer, Body by Chosen