Scholarship and Employment Program

We provide at-risk youth with all the means and support required to enroll in fitness certification education, in addition to hiring them directly to facilitate our programs to their peers. We involve a series of activities and initiatives, such as goal-setting, mentorship, training, paid work experience, financial literacy education, and more.

Our program framework was proudly built with the support of Toronto Enterprise Fund, a program of United Way Greater Toronto

1 %
of employment program participants

reported an improved sense of community and supportive network

1 %
of employment program participants

 reported feeling more in control of their health and health behaviours

Scholarship Eligibility

Sustainable Livelihoods Framework

The sustainable livelihoods approach improves understanding of livelihoods. It organizes the factors that constrain or enhance livelihood opportunities and shows how they relate. It can help plan development activities and assess the contribution that existing activities have made to sustaining livelihoods, such as our employment program.

Social exclusion impacts one’s health significantly. By facilitating meaningful relationships between at-risk youth, trainers, and mentors, youth can gain the confidence to develop life skills and habits that lead to virtuous behaviours and productive lifestyles. Seeing others face similar circumstances succeed reinforces the belief that one has the capabilities to succeed as well.

COVID-19 Impacts on the Fitness Industry Report

#SweatierForTheBetter Employment Program Support Tiers

 #SweatierForTheBetter Starter (Step-Up: Get On Your Feet) $3,500

When you commit to The Starter Package, your support allows us to fund essential needs regarding career planning, job preparation, and tuition fees, to set up a scholarship recipient on the path to self-sufficiency in the fitness industry.

Your contribution provides: 

  • Tuition for first fitness certification
  • Personalized career assistance: Career plan, goals, professional resume & cover letter writing (3), interview preparation
  • CPR/First Aid certification as required
  • Business Cards (Design and Delivery)

#SweatierForTheBetter Steady (Jump) $5,500

As a contributor to The Steady Package, your support helps recipients find relevant work in the industry, provides tutor support as they prepare for their exam, offers them a chance to build their online resume to better prepare them for the hiring process, and encourages their continued education.  

Your contribution provides: 

  • Everything in the Step-Up Package +
  • Liability Insurance for youth to work for one year in the industry
  • 3-5 hours of Tutors for the certification exam, as required
  • Three (3) Paid Work Experiences with Bootcamps for Change, where we hire youth to facilitate our in-shelter fitness and health program
  • Professional LinkedIn profile set-up
  • Tailored learning program based on their strengths and weaknesses, considering their preferred area of training (weight training, powerlifting, rehabilitation, etc). 

#SweatierForTheBetter Star (Raise) $10,500

At The Star Package level, your support helps recipients build a personal brand, supports them in gaining meaningful experience, and gives them the opportunity to specialize in a niche in the industry, allowing them to increase their earning potential and expose them to more clientele. 

Your contribution provides: 

  • Everything in the Step-Up and Steady Package +
  • Tuition for youths’ CEC (continuing education credit) or CEU (continuing education unit) course(s)
  • Mental Health Support and Stipend
  • 6-8 Paid Work Experience Experiences with Bootcamps for Change, where we hire youth to facilitate our in-shelter fitness and health program
  • Up to 10 hours of tutor support for the certification exam(s)
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Professional Clothing for Interview and Athletic Clothing for Placement

#SweatierForTheBetter Success (Lift) $21,500

As our top-level contributor at the Success level, your support includes all the invaluable elements of the prior levels. Additionally, you give youth the opportunity to take their skills out into the workforce, provide a chance for them to add to their skill set with professional development courses and nutrition education, and help them learn meaningful career development skills to set them up for a lifetime of success.

Your contribution provides: 

  • Everything in the Step-Up, Steady, and Star Package +
  • Wage subsidy for gym employer for the trial period  
  • Once employed full-time following the trial period, first and last months’ rent
  • Meal Plan for 60-90 days and Nutrition Education
  • Professional Development Courses: Sales Strategy, Empathy, Understanding, Compassion, Sales techniques, Sales Psychology, as requested 
  • Career Development: courses and support in: training skills, analytical skills, body movement skills, and marketing skills (social media, public speaking)