Student or Practicum Supervisor

We are committed to supporting students’ professional development and personal growth: Bootcamps for Change #SweatierForTheBetter was founded by a full-time student.

 We’re grateful to have hosted students from institutions such as:

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Our students took away so many important transferable career skills from their placements and saw so much professional growth working for Bootcamps for Change. My hope is that Bootcamps for Change will continue to offer practicum placements for our students on an ongoing basis and that our students can continue to contribute to the growth of this wonderful organization while working through their practicum requirements
-Tracy Whatmore, Practicum & Academic Advisor Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation, University of Alberta

We create meaningful opportunities for students to grow their professional skills through mentoring, planning, and implementation – even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re an educational institution interested in your students being hosted with Bootcamps for Change #SweatierForTheBetter, or you’re a student looking for a placement, contact us

Our leadership is dedicated to cultivating an engaging community for all students and professionals to contribute to the organization. 

Special thank you to Laurier University

Founded by long-term Bootcamps for Change member Monica Brink, we’re also proud to have an official Bootcamps for Change club with Laurier Student Union for 3 years running:

Professional Workshops for Students at Bootcamps for Change

To foster mentorship and learning opportunities for students, we have collaborated with executives from a variety of foundations and corporations to facilitate workshops for our practicum and placement students like: