Success Stories

Our youth employment participants work hard and accomplish amazing things: fitness certifications, college degrees, and full-time employment. Learn more about a few of our scholarship recipients and check back periodically for more stories.

In addition to finding full-time employment, Hash successfully quit smoking following our program.

I used to live in a homeless youth shelter, and Bootcamps for Change was doing a program there. I introduced myself and began coaching my peers. Katie saw something in me that day. They helped me to get a job in one of the biggest clubs in Canada (Goodlife Fitness), and I am a full-time trainer there! I have attended and spoken at multiple events promoting Bootcamps for Change to others. They changed my life. Words cannot express the joy that I felt doing the thing that I love, and also seeing people getting motivated by me."
Location: Slave Lake, AB
Bootcamps for Change has been amazing for me! They helped me achieve a long-term goal of mine to get my personal training license. Multiple job opportunities and interviews started opening up for me due to receiving my certification through the Bootcamps for Change program. In the end, I decided to work at LA fitness! working at LA fitness has been a goal of mine for years. You helped me achieve that goal in a matter of months and for that, I’ll forever be grateful!”
Location: Toronto, ON
After seeing and learning how fitness could have an impact on my peers’ health and career, it gave me the motivation to pursue my long life goal of having a life career in medical fitness (ie therapy, medicine). After completing my personal training certification with Bootcamps for Change, I started studying Fitness and Health Promotion through Centennial College. To all the youth out there - if I can move on from the shelter system, you can too. Thank you to those who believed in me and my potential.”
Location: Scarborough, ON
I came to Canada as a refugee, the idea of me becoming a coach.... to me back then it was just a ridiculous thought. Now, I have the confidence to communicate with people. After attending the Bootcamps for Change sessions which are free, I started picking up the pace. As a competitive athlete (soccer), I was able to get more of an idea of what it's about. Training with Katie and Ryan helped me grow a lot, as not only a coach but as a person. I really appreciate all your support and kindness, I hope one day I will be able to help people just like them."
Location: Toronto, ON
I had a really great experience working with the Bootcamps for Change team and Coach Ryan Caicco. The environment was so friendly and welcoming. I am really glad that I found out about this opportunity through my youth worker at Covenant House. This program allowed me to grow professionally. I feel confident in my new skills after I earned the certificate to transition into a fitness training role from a front desk role. Thank you!”
Location: Toronto, ON